Well I am a typical jack of all trades and master of none! I have gone to school, college and university! At school I have done my GCSE, at college I studied Education (became a teacher – all levels, from year 1 to year 12! – qualified in teaching most subjects but majored in Science, Financial Accounting and Business Studies), I also studied to be a Company Secretary (not typist! although I can type.), at University I have done Postgraduate studies in Management Studies with a keen interest in SMEs(small to medium scale enterprises) and company startups.
I have been married before and have 2 daughters (now teenagers!) and plan to get married again in the near future – Jamaica here we come!
I love reading, working on the computer and have recently taken up blogging. I love photography but do not have enough time to do it well. I am very keen on Business and love to share business ideas with people of all walks. I also help those with Business ideas put them into reality, setting up management and financial systems in place. (Got a business idea? you are free to bounce it off me anytime. I could even help you write up Business plans, Cashflows and the other stuff usually required by investors and banks). I can help you write up Financial Books – yes the Bookkeeping stuff!)

As for work I have worked as a teacher, Accountant (for a leading Charity, Hotel group, and have set up my own consultancy company). I have experience as a white van driver, a carer, support worker and car park attendant.


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