Internet dating!

11 03 2008

Gone are the days when people only dated the girl next door or the guy on the next street! In African folklore they used to say “Rooranai vematongo – only marry from the same patch!” Although this was true and had very valuable reasons for it the world has moved on! Try explaining what happened to love letters! Its been replaced mainly by mobile texting, what happened to telegrams(what??…) They are gone. Now there is the subject of internet dating – dating somebody you have never seen? Yes it happens and sometimes is very successful for the lucky few. It has its pitfalls and its strengths. I am not a fundi or guru on it but hey its worth a try, I therefore would like to share with you what I think and hopefully the brave people out there will also air their views. Can you love only somebody you have seen? (with due respect, if this was the case how would you explain how blind people fall in love?), Can you only love somebody you have met? How do you explain arranged marriages – are they totally devoid of love?

I would be the first to say and agree totally that there are a lot of untrustworthy people out there but is everybody out there bad? No! Sometimes you get the chance to “meet” somebody genuine out there, a soulmate, a friend, a trully beautiful soul who is searching for somebody true and like-minded. How can you tell that the person is genuine? honest? trustworthy? (I would like to hear your views out there). I believe with enough communication, trust, and faith its possible to experience true internet love. 




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